Brand name: Picnik - Company name: Picnik Website : www.piknic-barcelona.com Date of creation : 2010 Country of origin : Spain - Country of production : Spain Name of owner/founder : Laura Armet

boy + girl

Brand name boy+girl - Company name boy+girl Date of creation May 2011 Country of origin Usa - Country of production USA Name of the owner Christine Chang


Brand name : Trommpo - Company name : Trommpo srl Date of creation : 2010 Country of origin : Uruguay Country  of production : Uruguay Name of o founder(s) : Catalina Bouza / Dean Xavier

Pom d’Api

Brand Name Pom d'Api - Company name Rautureau Apple Shoes Date of creation 1870 for the company, 1973 for the Brand Country of origin France - Country of production France, Tunisia (and Asia for sneakers) Name of the owners Guy Rautureau and Yvon Rautureau, sons of the founder…

Anais & I

Brand name  Anaïs & I – Company name Anaïs & I inc. Created in November 2009 Country of origin  USA – Country of production  Currently Korea Name of the owners Jane D’Haene & Hermine Heller – Name of the founder Founder Jane d’Haene Nbre of employees……


Name of the brand PIGMEE Date of creation 23/06/2010 Country of origin France  Countries of production France, Marocco and India Name of the founder Florence Bories Nbre of employees Only me Nbre of sales points  40, including  Serendipity, Pois Plume, Laurette


Name of the brand Veja / Name of the company  Veja Created in 2004 Country of origin France / Country of production Veja is a Paris based company but the trainers and accessories are created in Brazil, a country unique in its ability to combine organic cotton farming, wild…


.Brand name ZOLIMA - Name of the company Zolima limited Date of creation  Spring 2009 Country of origin French in Hong Kong - Country of production Asia Name of the founder Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville

Ada Ada

Brand name Ada Ada - Company name Ada Ada- Baby and Kids fashion Date of creation 2009 Country of origin Israel / USA - Country of production Portugal Name of the founders Ada & Miriam Bernstein

Il Gufo

Country of origin Italy Country of production We design and develop our garments at our Italian Headquarters in Asolo, controlling every stage of their production, including: cutting, preparation, dyeing of fabrics, finishing, sewing of details, application of accessories and…

SHirin Kids

Brand Name : SHirin NYC / Company Name : SHirin NYC Inc. Created in : 2009 Website : shirinnyc.com Country of origin : USA  / Country of production: All Made in USA Name of the founder : Shirin Roubeni (click here to read more about Shirin)


Brand name : DOUUOD (Doudou, pronounced dwoodwoo) - Country of origin :  Italy Created in : 2006 Name of the founders : Patrizia Boscherini, Elisabetta Mambelli Sales points : 5 flagship stores, 200 multibrand stores worldwide - Multibrands includePupi Solari (Milano), Sciuscià…