Brand name : DOUUOD (Doudou, pronounced dwoodwoo) - Country of origin :  Italy Created in : 2006 Name of the founders : Patrizia Boscherini, Elisabetta Mambelli Sales points : 5 flagship stores, 200 multibrand stores worldwide - Multibrands includePupi Solari (Milano), Sciuscià…

Misha Lulu

Brand Name : Misha Lulu Created in : February 2006 Country of origin : USA - Country of production : USA Name of the founders : Joe Salazar and Karen Moran-Salazar



Brand Name ARAVORE  - Country of origin UK – Paraguay Date of creation of the company we began working on the supply chain side – finding growers that we could work with and setting up a workshop/ training centre as far back as 2003. The brand was not launched until October…