Leanter, Emotional Design

Gift is a lamp by Leanter,  inspired by nature. Made out of wood and aluminum, it is available in 7 different tones.

Jippi’s new home products

Based in Paris, Jippi promotes Norwegian design from the past and the present, by using natural and exclusive materials. Their sheepskins, reindeer skins, vases, small pieces of furniture are all highly desirable, and their latest collection of plaids Roros Tweed, in…

Cool & Beautiful : Eco Toy Tip Cart FRANZ” by Sirch

Tip cart FRANZ, by German company Sirch, is the winner of the Smallish Design Awards 2015 in the Eco Toy category. 

Origanids, pop up playhouses to unfold our imagination

Fascinated by modular micro-architectures, Sarah Osseland created the Origanids, foldable play houses made in recycled materials, that can be bought on her website needahouse.fr. 

DUDUK, Home Collection to sit in or on

When Naomi Bolderhey-Pescheux and Judith Bakker met in Indonesia. The two Dutch designers were expats in the country at that time, and it took them only a blink to come up with the idea to team and to create a children's line. DUDUK was born, out of a common love for beautiful…

C’est chouette, c’est new, c’est Oeuf!

Beautiful design, eco-friendly finishes, easy-to-clean laminate top, it's definitely Oeuf ! The perfect complement to a nursery or play room, for those in love with simplicity, style and playfulness. 

Miniarchi : Modernist dollhouse

These toy houses by Belgium company miniarchi are so beautiful that you want to keep them on display in your living room (and play with them while the kids are in school). Featured in Monocle, Ideat and other cool design magazines, they are definitely aimed at seducing parents…

Sailing the Northern sea with dents de loup

Created by French designer Paula de Lemos, Dents de loup began far away from Paris, in the South of India. The brand offers simple, beautifully handmade, long lasting characters made from natural materials. We like the new fisherman from the Northern seas, and its quirky retro…

Maison&Objet : don’t miss…

Chispum,, Sweetcase, Anatology, Sirch, Smiling Planet are among the brands not to miss at Maison&Objet. The home trade show will open its doors on September 5 in Paris. Thousands of exhibitors, and 305 children's brands who will present toys, furniture, textile, home…

Swedish Decor Fabriko

Fabriko is a swedish deco brand founded by designer and mum Lisa Eriksson. It focuses on interior design, fun and creative accessories for kids, even thought the designs appeal to everyone, big and small.

Copirates : invite to siesta time

New, by Copirates, the "Divan M A D A M E" is a simple piece of metallic furniture that comes with a mattress, or two, or three or more for who has a Princess and the pea soul. The inspiration is clearly oriental yet contemporary, offering a mix of raw + precious, so dear to the…

K Desk by Rafa Kids

In the small family of beautifully-made, modern furniture for  children, Rafa-kids is a brand that counts.  You've probably seen their beds, but here's their new product, the K Desk.