Experimental Guest House by Steven Holl Architects

This new development by Steven Holl Architects looks like a doll house. Kids will love it at first sight. Located in Rhinebeck (Upstate New York, near Woodstock), it sits in the middle of the green. But it has more than this...

Learning About Sexual Stereotypes

Girls rock! I'm partial of course, as I have two daughters. Our eldest, twelve, has just returned from a class at school about sexual stereotypes - from the simple, seemingly innocent (little girls play with dolls, little boys play with cars, etc), to the more

Pause! Time For A Fun Little Cartoon About Meditation!

A little reminder on earlier posts : “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation”, the Dalai Lama said.

Diamond, A Different Music Box, By A+H Foreign Affairs

This is a musical box celebrating geometry and French composer Erik Satie. An object you want to possess, regardless of your age.

Going On A Humanitarian Trip With Children

Want to raise socially conscious children, and take part in a family humanitarian trip? For children who live a privileged Western/urban life, participating in this kind of adventure is a chance to play a role in helping others, while at the same time expanding their worldview.…

Natti Natti, Organic Children’s Bedding

This is a new&small family business, making organic children's bedding inspired by Sweden. Enter the world of Natti Natti (which means "Nighty Night" in Swedish), and discover the collection - handmade in Brooklyn, USA.

MoKee : Smart, Simple, Stylish and Honest

moKee was founded in 2013 by French dad, Samuel Serra, out of the frustration of buying smart looking functional and well priced baby products in existing retail channels.

Analog Animals

Last summer we stumbled upon an unlikely relic, the Tado Ivanausko Zoologijos museum in Kaunas Lithuania. Here is a splendidly preserved time capsule of a natural history museum. It seemed like the entire animal kingdom in taxidermy, hidden away in a cabinet of curiosities that…

Desk by Oeuf

We have all fallen for the crib, bed, dresser and play table designed by Oeuf. In perfect synchronicity, the Brooklyn based brand just introduced a desk - perfect timing as the children have grown and need some stylish option for their homework.

Kid Robot : About Artificial Intelligence and the Future of our Kids

Robots will replace us. We’re facing an uncertain future of Artificial Intelligence which at best, will render whole swathes of humanity redundant. At worst, AI will subsume our consciousness and make homo sapiens extinct, much as we in turn have consigned earlier species to the…

Luckey Climbers : Playground Structures That Make Life More Fun

Lucky Climbers create playground climbing structures, that look like sculptures. Dozens of Luckey Climbers have delighted children and adults alike in cities across the world, including Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore and China.

A Shift in Values Everywhere by Charles Eisenstein

"I've been seeing news articles a lot recently about parents being arrested and their children removed from their custody because they let them play unsupervised outdoors. I'm linking to one here. The first thing I felt upon reading it was intense indignation, and alienation…