Bobo choses - iconic collection, socially responsible

Past, present & future – Bobo Choses & sustainability, founder interview

Serious about taking responsibility for their social and environmental footprint. Ethical and environmental practices and sustainability are now part and parcel of most kid's independent labels, but back in 2008, there was one brand that spearheaded the conversation. The…

women behind the brand My Little Cozmo

Interview: My Little Cozmo

Women supporting womenKatie chats with the ladies behind this ethically focused brand from Barcelona ‘ My Little Cozmo’ about supporting women throughout the industry.

Parent & Child: Valentina with Stefania @stefbrunetti_

Parent & Child Valentina (5) lives in Melbourne, Australia with her four siblings Stella (18), Serena (14), Piero (11) & Olimpia (1)  with Mom & Dad. Mom Stef describes her beautiful brood – Stella is quiet and reserved and very helpful. Serena is the loud,…

brexit uk fashion labels

Brexit talks:

Brexit talks with Stu Anderson, CEO of Young SolesKatie talks to Young Soles CEO, Stu Anderson about how post-Brexit things have changed for UK based fashion labels. Stuart Anderson, CEO – Young Soles website

Liz Sheppard Creative Director

Interview: Liz Sheppard, Creative Director

Katie talks to Liz Sheppard about her work as a freelance creative director. Liz has worked for more than 10 years, across women’s, men’s and children’s brands – including Levi’s, H&M, Hugo Boss and Next clothing. Liz…

Parent & Child: August and Noor with Kara Naydyhor @gustolovesnono

Parent & Child video August and Noor (twins, age 3) with Mum Kara Naydyhor @gustolovesnono  August and Noor, age 3 (in April) live in Tonganoxie, Kansas USA. Their Mum Kara works in the field of rare genetics. She describes August and Noor as her “Miracle…

Papillon magazine

Interview: Papillon magazine

Full Interview with Stylist Michel Onofrio & Creative Director Cleo Sullivan of Papillon Magazine Teen magazine Papillon launched this week we chat with the two talented ladies behind the relaunch – Stylist Michel Onofrio & Creative Director Cleo…

Anna Strumpf SS21

Interview: Ana Strumpf

Interview with creator and artist Ana Strumpf Katie talks with artist and illustrator Ana Strumpf about animated gifs, doodling, how her re.cover project impacted her career. Ana discusses her approach to collabs, the influence of her family and designing for kids…

Liilu founder Sibylle Pal

The Q & A Game: Dreams with Sibylle Pal Liilu founder for Scimparello No.3

The Q&A Game: Dreams with Sibylle Pal - Liilu founder x Katie Kendrick - Pirouette Editor INSTRUCTIONS: Katie sends 5 questions about Dreams to Sibylle who answers, then sends 5 questions to Katie who answers. Katie to Sibylle 1. Do you still dream? Yes I do, dreams keep us…

Paade mode SS20 collection

Paade Mode What? Can? I? Do? for Kid’s Wear Mag Vol. 49

What? Can? I? Do? A childish, quick fire interview with Paade Mode founder Linda Raituma and designer Edite Kirse Interviewer: Katie Kendrick (K) Interviewees: Linda Raituma (L) & Edite Kirse (E) Paade Mode WHAT? K: What did you do for the first 30 minutes of your day? L: My…

liluu ss20 collection

Simple and pure like childhood should be…Liilu Interview for Kid’s Wear Vol.49

Originally written for Kid's Wear Magazine Vol.49 The German-based label Liilu creates fresh dreamy muslin garments with a strong presence and the softest of touches - timeless, sustainable children’s wear simple and pure. Just as ‘childhood should be’ so says Sibylle. Sibylle…

Backstage at Pero AW20 fashion show

In Conversation with hat designer Lorna Murray

Growing up in Perth, one of the world's sunniest cities required hat designer Lorna Murray to develop a degree of resourcefulness in order to cool down and escape the endless sunshine of the summer months. During her university days as an art school student Lorna used to…