Ari London

#Pirouette12Watch Award Winner Interview: Ari London

Fatimah Hussain is the designer and founder of Ari London. Our Pirouette One to Watch Award winner from Dot to Dot London believes that luxury and sustainability are qualities that should go hand in hand. An attitude that the big luxury labels seem to continue in having a…

Nununu x Tutu du Monde

NUNUNU X TUTU DU MONDE – Opposites Attract!

So it's true... opposites do attract! On the 1st of October 2018 skull loving minimalist's label Nununu and ethereal Australian tutu makers Tutu Du Monde will launch a collaborative capsule collection, tag line 'Where wonder, whimsy and dainty ballerinas meet bad-ass minimalist…

Stephanie Le passage showroom

Agent series: Stephanie Jenner,

Stephanie Jenner started Le Passage showroom in New York at the beginning of 2012. She has over 20 years experience of working in the children's wear industry.

Clare, Cristina & Little Creative factory team

English at Your Desk & Little Creative Factory:

Like it or hate, the English language is key to communicating/ trading in the International market. Good communications skills translate to sales, poor communication skills cause confusion and hesitancy that can result in lost sales. Last Summer Cristina Fernandez designer and…

Birgir Birgisson, RHUBARB REPUBLIK, Reykjavik Iceland

Agent Series: Birgir Birgisson, RHUBARB REPUBLIK.

For this the second part of our agent series we talk to Birgir Birgisson, owner of Rhubarb Republik, a Brand Agency which in their own words "creates social platforms between conceptual children brands and conceptual retailers all over the world".

Tabata Kids

Agent series: Ana Castán Puente, Tabata Kids Barcelona.

We start off our series on the role of the agent in children's fashion with an interview from Barcelona based Tabata Kids who represents the likes of Organic Zoo, Emile et Ida, Sleepy Doe and more. Any label looking to develop it's customer base will at some point consider…

Q&A Game: Alexandrar Klever - Photographer, Publisher KINDA Magazine, & Emily Swaeb - Agent RITS agency

Q&A Game: Alexandra Klever (Photographer/ Publisher KINDA Mag) & Emily Swaeb (Agent RITS agency)

Pirouette 10 questions game: Q&A between 2 players – 5 questions & 5 answers each. Both players are interviewer and interviewee. This time Alexandra Klever (A), Photographer/Publisher of KINDA magazine invites Emily Swaeb (E), agent to INDEE, Marcelo Burlon and DIADORA…

Romy Heere - child model

Mom Joyce Heere, and child models Romy (7yrs) & Mauro (9yrs)

Joyce Heere is mom to two children, Mauro (9 yrs) and Romy who has Down syndrome (7yrs) they live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joyce is a single mom and her two children love to model and act. Romy goes to a regular elementary school in Amsterdam where she has got lots of…

Organic Zoo Store Brighton

Don’t Panic it’s Organic! Organic Zoo Store, Brighton UK

Don't panic it's organic! During the show season Paulina Krywosinska, owner and founder of Organic Zoo always proves to be a most warm and lovely catch up for Pirouette. However with Paulina having recently opened her very first Organic Zoo store located in Brighton, UK the…

Carly Connors with her mum Rachel, and brother Jackson

Parent & Child: Rachel, Carly Connors (child model, & actress in the film The Goldfinch) & Jackson (Sports enthusiast)

On my last visit to New York I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Rachel Roberge Connors & her beautiful daughter Carly on a shoot at Molly Magnuson's studio in Brooklyn. Carly is incredibly shy in person, but in front of a camera she transforms into a bright shiny…

Mother + Son Interview : Veronique & Oscar Cauchi, Surf Champion

Oscar Cauchi was born in Antwerp (Belgium) 16 years ago.  At the age of 11, he moved to Porto with his family, a move dictated by his father's business. 

Mother + Daughter Interview : Pop Singer & Song Writer Bea

If you would have told me at that time that she would one day become my assistant at Pirouette (that was in 2013!), it would have seemed a long shot. But if you would have told me that she would become a pop singer one day, I would have totally have bought into that idea. This…