Prahlika Hatti, 4 years old – Fullerton, CA

“Prahlika" is a Sanskrit word for a type of literary puzzle. True to her name, little Prahlika loves puzzles and seems to forget about the world when she is solving them! Mother Aruna Hatti is an attorney by background and founder of kid's brand Rayil.

Mina, 6 y old – Indre, France

Mina is a passionate child, with a very strong character and a lots of imagination. She loves to dance and sing; she’s always putting up shows for her parents and for her little brother Noam. Mother Emilie Moreau is a kids clothes designer and founder of cute children's brand…

Nora Gaia Hürlimann, 7.5 y old – Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Nora loves swimming and snorkeling in the sea. Lucky girl : she can practice her favourite activity all year long in beautiful Bali island. When she's not in school or in the water, Nora helps her father Waly Hürlimann on his website, a new place allowing you to…

Marcel Soubirous, 4 ½ y old – Brooklyn, USA

Marcel loves Music (his electric guitar), Science (all about the Solar System) and to play with his cousins and friends. Mother Patricia Lambert is a photographer (

Max, 3 y old – Barcelona, Spain

Max  particularly loves building up 4 yogurt-packs castles at supermarkets confesses his mother Carol, Product Designer at

Iago – 6 y old – La Coruña, Spain

Iago is crazy about soccer; just read his interview and you'll understand how addicted he is ;-). "We call him "The "Tiger" because it's his favourite animal but also because of his blue and green eyes" says Carmen, his mother and the designer of Spanish brand

Natalia Martin, 10 y old – Madrid, Spain

In her interview, Natalia says that she loves her superdog Drago, "the smartest dog ever", that  she would transform her little brother into a frog if she had magic power and also that she misses Vietnam where she lived. Her mother Natalia Cabrera is the founder of…

Lola, 4 years old – North Catalonia, Spain

"Lola is a very creative girl and loves to do workshops; each week we do 2 or 3 workshops together!" says Airi about her daughter. Airi is a kids fashion and print textile designer, who launched her own brand

Anais Juliette D’Haene, 6 y old – New York, USA

Anais is a typical 6 year old girl who dreams to be a princess, plays piano, loves being in the pictures,  loves playing with her friends. One of her favorite activity is hip hop dance and she also enjoys helping her mother Jane with kid clothing design. "It is my passion and…

Theo Bourrelly, 7 y old- London, UK

The child of the day is Theo, "Mad about making and inventing anything! He’s charming (with many girlfriends), but slightly crazy!" - His mother is Beth Bourrelly, Designer of

Albertine Mangan, 6 y old – Paris, France

Albertine has a gentle nature, she’s very attentive to others and she does things with passion. "Her level of concentration really amazes me!" says her mother Tiphaine Verdier Mangan. Thipaine is an Artist/Designer  who creates wonderful "Boites a…


Sadie, 12 years old – Los Angeles, USA

Sadie is a smart and creative child. She loves to draw and read. She could read up to 300 pages a day, no kidding. Efi Latief her mother is a Graphic Designer, owner of eco friendly clothing line Tomat.