Protection Against Cell Phones

We all know, or at least we have the intuition, that  electromagnetic waves and fields (EMFs) have an effect on our health. UK studies have just shown that cell phone use in children and teens translates into 5 times greater increase in brain cancer.  Here's about how to protect…

Meet Rachel Parent , 13 y old Food Activist

Kids Right to Know  was founded by Rachel Parent, a 13 yrs old, who became one of the anti-Gmo movement’s most serious campaigners and gives new meaning to the term “youth activism.”

Sunday Video : keeping contact with earth

When we were kids we were going barefoot a lot, at least I was, during the 2 months of summer holidays. A good habit to keep... Take a look at this short animated video to understand what's behind the concept of earthing. Off the shoes, and for your good health, don't hesitate…

On Healthy Eating Habits For Kids And The Family

What's for diner tonight maman? Do you, like me, often struggle with the answer? Yamina Bona, Nutritional Therapist in London and mother of 3, author of the blog eat well live well, shares tips and ideas on how to embark on healthy habits, without going mad.

Helping children to identify toxic friend behaviour

Photos by Chinese photographer Chen Jiagang showcase a world devastated by industrialisation. This world made me thing of another form of pollution : toxic relations. Here's a bit more on the subject, with the aim to help children getting clarity when it comes to friendship.

Children : Why organic cosmetics ?

Why is choosing carefully what you put on your skin as important as what you put in your stomach?  Why is it so crucial for our children’s health to stay away from chemicals? Why is it a good idea to opt for organic cosmetics?Here's a quick guide to help understand how it works…

Potato Experiment to help children understanding organic food

This little girl doing an experiment with a sweet potato can help other children understanding why their parents are making such a fuss about organic food! It's fun, it's quick and that!

NY School Goes Vegetarian, Academic Results Improve

A public school New York (P.S. 244 in Queens), the first in the US, has opted for a 100 percent vegetarian school lunch menu. That on its own is already a breaking news, but more interesting even is the fact that the school life and the student's health have improved with this…

Why is sugar bad for your children

We hear all sorts of things about sugar, that it's bad and also that it's not so bad after all. Although being too alarmist can have a counter-productive effect, I think it is important to understand a bit better about sugar. Here's a few facts as well as a few tips on cutting…

Interview with a nutrition specialist

Mother of two, Nelly Ligier-Bennett is specialised in Family and Child Nutrition. A graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and a member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapists, Nelly is what I call a magician.

What you should know about sunscreens

There are over 1700 sunscreens on the market.  How do you choose which one is right for your child?  Even among the well-known brands only a few make safe sunscreens for children. When making a decision which sunscreen to buy, the most important facts to consider are applicable…