Summer Holiday Stories, Part II

Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time! Repost from September 2013 Second part of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families : Milk Magazine in Mallorca, Lucky Wang across Europe,…

Summer Holiday Stories, Part I

Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time!

Applecross Scotland

Applecross, Scotland- a stunning landscape to celebrate!

There was no competition as to the destination for my sister's 4oth birthday celebration. Her decision was both swift and decisive - Appplecross, Scotland. Having been there many moons ago as a child my recollection of her chosen destination was a little scratchy. Though amongst…

Breast Cancer : How To Take Control Of Your Health

Forget about the pink ribbon ladies, it’s not called “pinkwashing” without reasons. What you want is real prevention, or in other words, not to develop breast cancer in the first place.

Urbanito Paris city guide

Paris City Guide for Families: URBANITO

Planning a trip to Paris this Summer en famille ? if it's a yes then the URBANITO Paris Family City Guide would be a very useful travelling companion. This well conceived guide is aimed at making France's capital city a fun, cultured and stress free experience with the kids. It…

Easter Festival of Flower Torches, São Bras de Alportel, Portugal

Spending Easter break in Portugal left a technicolour imprint on our memories. Sun seeking was the primary purpose of our visit, but it was the Festival of Flower Torches at São Bras de Alportel and it's vibrant injection of Portuguese colour that rejuvenated the soul.

Art and culture in Milan : Osservatorio & Academia dei Bambini by Fondazione Prada

Milan is becoming a must-visit culture hub. Last month, the Prada foundation in Milan opened a new space in the city center called Milano Osservatorio, dedicated to photography and visual languages. Next week will be the opening of a space dedicated to children, Academia dei…

Alexandra - Cabbages and Kings

Cabbages & Kings : Peru, Artisan Craft

For some the very idea of travelling solo with a 7 month old on a business trip may be enough to cause a rise in blood pressure but for Alexandra Gizela the founder of Cabbages & Kings it's a time to be cherished and enjoyed. We catch up with her following her latest trip to…

Smart Food For Smart Kids

The right nutritional approach can make a great difference in a child's development, with so much impact on intellectual capacities, concentration and behaviour - not to mention general health of course. We keep hearing about the five-a-day fruits/veg, but there is a bit more to…

Giant wave comprising of hundreds of Barbie dolls. Installation by Belgian artist Annette on an Australian beach.

Positive ‘Doll’ Models

Until fairly recently due to sanctions imposed by my eldest daughter, Barbie had never set foot through our front door. Now times have changed there is a second legislator in the house, a sparkly younger sister who seems to be collecting a girl gang that could rival that of…

Going On A Humanitarian Trip With Children

Want to raise socially conscious children, and take part in a family humanitarian trip? For children who live a privileged Western/urban life, participating in this kind of adventure is a chance to play a role in helping others, while at the same time expanding their worldview.…


Pirouette takes to to Sevilla...via BozAround, the travel blog of Vanessa Boz. Last month, Vanessa took her daughter Amalia to Andalusia for a special mother-and-daughter week end. A very special moment that makes you want to book the same trip right away!