Stiff Upper Lip

Naif number 11  - Photographs Raquel Reina from "Stiff upper lip" - Style Aixea Villareal - Very British! Models ERIC, RUTH, ROSE from SUGAR KIDS models agency.

Queenliness revisited

"In the series "Existing in Costume", Chan-Hyo Bae has chosen the iconography of queenliness to express his feelings as an Asian immigrant. He dresses in period costumes and photographs himself as unidentified members of English aristocracy from the 13th to 19th centuries (all…

Paris Photo – Last year’s favourite

I am getting ready for another visit at Paris Photo in November. An annual rendez-vous that I wouldn't miss at any cost. This made me remember one of the artists I liked very much last year, and that I totally forgot to mention on Pirouette.  Never too late. Nelli Palomaki was…

Photography crush – big time…

I got very excited when came through the photos of Joanna Paterson. There is a real energy in her work, somethink that we would call "dejante" in French, meaning a cool madness, something totally fresh and different from many things we've seen recently.

Dinner by Achim Lipoth

Achim Lipoth Photography

The fall stories of La Princesse au petit pois

Some people are good at summer collections, some better at winter's. Alexandra Darcissac is good at both. But Alexandra is good at many things : at choosing fabrics that are not too sophisticated nor too rough, at using just the right amount of colour, at keeping things simple…

Immortalizing childhood moments and family portraits

  . . It has become a tradition: every Fall, Pomme invites New York children to be photographed with their most treasured possessions. A project by photographer Davina Zagury who will capture once more the attachment kids have to their security objects- September 18th…

Monika Elena Kost for Noro

. . . . .                             Nordic inspired photos by Monika Elena Kost - Location : Copenhagen- Brand : Noro. 

Boys, black&white

    . . . Finger in the Nose - Photos Cyril Labbe . . 77 Kids by American Eagle - Photos Achim Lippoth .

September 11

. . The Twins, Photo by Jonathan Hobbin Terrorists and firemen to replace the good old cowboys and Indians...

Dandy forever

I love Dandy Star for their fun messages for their positive energy for the good quality for the vibrant color palette for the cool photographs for the consistent brand identity

Caramel illustrated

. .   .   . Lovely illustrations by  Florine - All characters are wearing the new Autumn/Winter Caramel Baby and Child collection:  signature knits, structured tailoring, Liberty print blouses and  little pastel dresses... .