Petra and studiopep

  Petra Barkhof runs a creative factory based in Milan called studiopep. The studio creates stories from concept to photo production, working with art directors, photographers, hair& make up and stylists. For Petra, it's like being the head of a large family. Studiopep is…

Kyung Soo, Korean photography

  Wonderful exhibit on Korean Photography at Paris-Beijing Gallery. Photos above : Kyung Soo.

Dagmar Daley by Monika Elena Kost

  Based in Denmark, Monika Elena Kost is specialized in children's photography. She recently worked with Wovenplay, Small Magazine and with Dagmar Daley (pictures above).  

Tammy Donohoe's Fall/Winter catalog

    Tammy Donohoe's Fall/Winter 2010 catalog by Lila and Tom agency. Photos by Juan Carlos Ponsa, assistant Enric Montes. Children Sugar Kids model agency.  

Wanda's wonderland

  Story for Vogue Japan (Septembre 2010) by Wanda Kujack. You can also watch the lovely animation video here, and an article I wrote about Wanda in July 2009 here. To contact Wanda :

Good evening, humour and fantasy

    Good evening is a delicious Japanese fashion brand whose aim is to "put a little fantasy and humour into simple and make every moment special". With their beautiful pictures by Nozawa Tomooh, they will for sure have brought a little something to your day. Good evening…

Vol a Miami – Lila & Tom + Pascal Ollinger

  A great story by Lila&Tom Agency.  So Miami with the blue sky, the sky blue + white colors, and just a little palm/banana tree reminder. I want to be playing with those boys! Photos Pascal Ollinger

An engaging book, for very early readers

Color Bears is an aesthetic, bold book. Adorable, colorful, fun loving, this cardboard book bursting with bears will engage any toddler at first glance. Even infant 3 month old eyes will be attracted by it with the high contrast print that appears on every spread. As the…

Flying away

  A beautiful fashion story published in Marie-Claire Enfants. Thumbs up for the flamenco shoes contrasting the minimal outfits, for the school desks (La Chaise longue) and for the great combination of a Max & Lola dress with a Oeuf alpaca mask. By Cecile Lercier, photos…

A blog promenade…Petits Bonheurs and it’s sohso

  I know I share a passion for the wonderful blogs Petits Bonheurs and it's Sohso (by the same very talented person) with many of you. For those who haven't visited them yet, here's a few images. Very soon Mathildeand Natacha (above) will come back on Pirouette with…

Gretchen Easton, photographing children and infants

        Based in Los Angeles, Gretchen Easton specializes in photographing children and infants for fashion, advertising, editorial and celebrity clients, both nationally and internationally. Gretchen’s unique viewpoint when working with children and infants captures the…

Finding beauty on the net

  Every time I venture on the blogosphere, I am amazed by the incredible creativity and beauty I find. It is really a place of inspiration, provided you know where to look. These images from estaminetcoquet are incredibly well composed and moving. The spontaneity is truly…