Mixing technology & fashion: Anchovy blends the two

Blurring the boundaries of technology and fashion,  Lithuanian label Anchovy create the patterns for their clothing though the Anchovy app . The app developed by Karolis Kosas and Giedre Kose takes words and translates them into colour gradients simply by typing. if you go to…

Interview : Photographer Zoe Adlersberg

We speak to the wonderfully talented Zoe Adlersberg who began her career in photography 16 years ago having previously worked in advertising, that is until the birth of her first child, Uma, in 2007. Motherhood changed Zoe’s artistic perspective and focus, and she decided to…

Milk&Biscuits Photographed By Michelle Marshall

Milk&Biscuits' F/W 16 collection was shot by Michelle Marshall , inspired by the wonderfully dysfunctional depiction of family life in Wes Anderson’s movies. The images have a dense texture, their colours bring an appropriate smell of Autumn.

Photography : Neal Slavin’s Portugal

American photographer and television/film director Neal Slavin lived in Portugal and photographed the Portuguese people from late 1967 to 1968, when Salazar’s health took an unexpected turn for the worse, ending his dictatorship.

Deborah Sfez & Mélanie Rodriguez PAPIER MACHE #12 ‘By instant illumination’

Wonderful fall tones - from caramel to poppy red - in this inspiring series by Mélanie Rodriguez and Deborah Sfez for magazine Papier Maché.

Fiona Ruhe Photography

Dutch photographer Fiona Ruhe always loved fashion and photography, since a young age. Her style can be described as romantic with a rebellish rough touch. When it comes to children, Fiona often plays with vegetal and animal elements,  which gives her photos an uplifting and…

Busy Doing Nothing by Julia Bostock

This series "Busy Doing Nothing" by photographer Julia Bostock caught my eye in the middle of the school break, trying to get the kids to rest, dream, and do as less as possible.

Sneak Peek Into EFVVA’s Winter 2016 Collection

Everyone is busy getting ready for the next children's trade show Playtime Paris, with lots of excitement and probably a tiny bit of stress. It's two weeks before the opening and Ewa Wróbel-Hultqvist, designer of EFVVA sent us a preview of her Winter 2016 collections, that will…

Ground Control by Charlotte Badelon

Ground Control is the coolest pop up bar in Paris. Set up in an old abandoned train repair yard in the North of the city, it offers a huge outdoor space dedicated to fun. Photographer Charlotte Badelon choose this location to shoot her  latest kids fashion story because it it…

Milk&Biscuit by Michelle Marshall

Milk & Biscuits' AW15 collection is called "North". Like a journey into a vast snow capped landscape, reflecting a collection all in volume and layers. The photos were taken in Iceland by Michelle Marshall.

A Look At… Shirley Baker

Shirley Baker A Look At... Shirley Baker:  Women and Children; and Loitering Men