What’s up Doolittle?

Doolittle number 11 is out, celebrating Summer. What else?  Three inspiring fashion series, a reportage on raising bilingual children, an inquiry on the new generation of dads and much more, including a travel carnet that will take you to six South American countries.

Link to Naif #12 !

Do you know Naif Magazine? This will be most likely a "YES"  in continental Europe as Naif has been around for a while now. But the title isn't very spread in other countries.

Do you know Doolittle?

Doolittle issue #13 - Photo by Melanie Rodriguez.  Relatively new, Doolittle magazine

Kid-In, a new vision on childhood

Kid-in is a new art and fashion online magazine or for parents and non-parents alike, who hold dearly some wide-ranging and eccentric views about childhood. "More than a magazine, Kid-in is a movement: an online art-gallery

Stiff Upper Lip

Naif number 11  - Photographs Raquel Reina from "Stiff upper lip" - Style Aixea Villareal - Very British! Models ERIC, RUTH, ROSE from SUGAR KIDS models agency.

Another Pop Love

. . . . The three magazines were side by side at the new stand, their romantico-naturalist covers matching so well. Style of the time.

Tiny & beautiful

. . . Thanks to Deborah Beau from Kickan & Conkers for bringing this beautiful issue of Tiny & Little to our attention. www.tinyandlittle.com.au

Babiekins n.6 is out

. . Babiekins issue number 6 is out.  300+ pages : a succession of great fashion stories including the ones of Jessie Kenney p.212 (photos below), Nina W Mellon p.242, Kelly Roper p.308 (photos above).  . .

Christophe Kutner for Earnshaw's magazine

. . . Earnshaw's Magazine, August issue  Photos Christophe Kutner, style Michel Onofrio

Spotted in Barcelona

    If you go to Barcelona, don't miss Nobodinoz. Two locations for the fun children's concept store, about 15 minutes walk from each other : Seneca 9 (pictures above) and Mestre Nicolas 8 (as seen on their online store home page, below).     The…

Italian Baby Design

    Brava Casa, May 2011. By Alessandro Pasinelli - Photos Adriano Brusaferri.   Photo n. 1 : Rosdster Saab, design Ulf Hanses for Playsam - Cushion design Alexander Girard - Bean bag Essent'ial for Jannelli&Volpi, made with Marimekko wallpaper. Photo n.2…

Online retailer LFG launches a magazine

    "Media companies are going to become retailers and retailers are going to become media companies, it's inevitable" recently said Net-a-porter founder Nathalie Massenet in an interview with the Financial Times. Forward thinking Marie Soudre-Richard, queen of the online…