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Lots of new products at Donna Wilson, a good occasion to ask one of Pirouette’s favorite designer to tell us more about her X-mas plans.


Where will you spend X-mas this year? At home in Scotland with my family, my sister had just had a baby, so I’m an aunt for the first time. I still call Scotland ‘home’ even though I’ve lived in London for 11 years!
What is your most wonderful memory of X-mas as a child? Decorating my Grandma’s Christmas tree with old fashioned coloured lights, and very old decorations, and eating the occasional chocolate decoration while doing it!
What have you ordered to Santa?I would like some nice moisturisers and hair products from Kiehls please.
The item from your collection that you would recommend particularly for a child’s X-mas gift? For a creative child I would recommend our make your own monster kit (picture below). It encourages kids to use their imagination in creating a unique monster instead of following the rules!





Make your own monster kit –