Miss L (9 y old) no longer likes princesses but prefers fairies and cowboys. Mr. G (5 y old) enjoys books and playing. Mother of the two, Jaimee Gong is the co-founder of the website Yoyo Mom.

Miss L & Mr. G

What is your big dream? Miss L: To be a fairy! Mr.G: A tambourine, to make music.

Do you have special powers? Miss L: No  Mr.G: No, I just have my fists!

Who is the strongest person in the world? Miss L: Daddy! Mr.G: Papa!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Miss L: A farmer. I want to raise horses on a farm with my friends and take care of horses, cows and chickens.  Mr.G:  A dolphin trainer and tiger tamer with 2 bears. I want to have a boat and a prison. A parrot too.

 First memory? Miss L:  Dancing at grandma’s house to the player piano.

Who do you admire? Miss L: No one. Mr.G: My sister. No my Mom.

What is the best thing in life? Miss L: Living! Mr.G: Mommy and Papa.

Are you scared of anything? Miss L:  Spiders because they bite and they look scary. Mr.G: Monsters and witches.

What makes you laugh? Mr.G: My sister. She makes me laugh hard and when I am drinking I spit everything up!

Your favorite book ? Miss L: Geronimo Stilton Books.

 Something you did recently that you enjoyed? Miss L: Invited my friends over for a slumber party and barbeque.  Mr.G:  The dinosaur train at Disneyland.

 The best holidays you ever had? Miss L: Surfing in Hawaii.

A place you want to visit? Miss L: Texas because I like cowboys and I want to hear the Texas accent (like Howdy!) Mr.G:  India for the tigers.

 Something you would like to have… Miss L: A big house Mr.G:  A black and white hamster pet.

 If you had a magic wand: Miss L: I would change myself into a fairy and I would clean up the house.  Mr.G:  I would play and transform things into frogs.


The place you love near your home? Paris is always breathtaking when crossing the Seine over one of its many bridges.  I like to go wandering around the charming Parisian streets and explore the new and old.

 Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday ?  I dream of spending a long time exploring and visiting the entire country of Japan. But the next family holiday would also be nice as a simple holiday close by in the French countryside or by the sea.

Last thing you bought for your child: Le gros manuel book by Sophie Glasser. This book is full of DIY activities and illustrations for kids to do. It’s a sort of manual that can be consulted regularly (it’s great for adults too!)

The children’s brands your cherish : I like Macarons for the quality and thought process behind each piece. I also have a special fondness for brands like boy + girl , Soft Gallery , and Noch. I like Bobo Choses and Milk on the Rocks for their touch of humor.

 Something that you did in your childhood that you makes you laugh today? I used to wear the same purple pants everyday because they were comfortable and the kids teased me for having crocodile skin (dry legs).

 What do you buy online? I am always inspired by design online. Whether the products are for myself or the family. In order to have more free time I will shop online for basic groceries, office supplies, etc.   For kids, it’s also very easy to buy fashion online as sizing and fit is much easier than for women.

The product/purchase that changed your life ? The electric bike for the entire family!