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The Frank Lamp by Pana Objects takes inspiration from a cute little puppy walking and playing around when you’re at home. The Peg Car, the Sink Car and the the Brush Car, designed by Poorexcombine simplified wooden vehicles with household items such as a brush, a plug and a peg. All playful items made out of beech…

 The Frank Lamp is a modern and playful desk lamp. €95Via Paolo Rinaldi.

The Peg Car is a combination of a digger and a clothes peg. When playing with it, you can catch different things with the clothes peg and carry them from one place to another, turning into somebody between a housewife and Bob the Builder. The Brush Car is a limousine that reminds you about your housework cleaning routines. The Sink Car represents a version of a crane for bathroom fittings lovers. It can help you improve your skills in building constructions out of flat cuboids, placing them one on another, at the same time developing your plumbing passions. Poor Toys  €20 eachVia Dezeen.