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Young and enthusiastic children’s fashion stylist Maria Montane contacted Pirouette to introduce us to her most recent work involving two photographers Manuela Franjou and Theresa Balderas. In this work Maria proposes the concept of “Hermandad” the Spanish word that means brotherhood and sisterhood. Both photographers explore this most intricate of subjects and produce imagery from their own unique response.

photographer Theresa Balderd with stylist Maria Montane
Theresa Balderas and Maria Montane at Playtime New York

Maria’s foreword
In my latest trip to Europe I collaborated with amazing brands and super talented people and we created some fashion stories… more than just cute editorials, they’ve a strong meaning and inspiration. They talk about “Hermandad” Spanish word that means brotherhood, sisterhood and how the role of big brother, and family members help us with daily actions and routines. I created a moodboard and talked with a photographer that inspires me so much to create this.


Photographer Manuela Franjou

The photographer Manuela Franjou is French in origin living now in Barcelona. Manuela’s aim is to raise her kids in the purest environment. Maria describes her as “one of most beautiful souls I’ve ever met”.

Manuela’s words:
Je suis photographe documentaire, ma passion est de photographier l’enfance de mes enfants.
Nous avons choisi de les élever plus prêt de la nature et le plus sainement possible et il est important pour moi de capturer les simples moments de notre quotidien et l’interaction qu’il existé entre eux.
Quand María m’a contactée pour me parler de son projet sur la fratrie l’idée m’a parut belle et intéressante. Elle a su tout de suite s’adapter à nous et notre manière de vivre. Mes enfants adorent connaître des gens, parler et jouer avec eux, avec María ils se sont sentit avec une amie, ils ont jouer avec elle, les vetements et moi derrière l’appareil.

I am a documentary photographer, my passion is to photograph the childhood of my children.
We chose to raise them closer to nature and as healthily as possible and it is important for me to capture the simple moments of our daily life and the interaction that exists between them.
When Maria contacted me about her project on siblings the idea seemed beautiful and interesting. She knew right away how to adapt to us and our way of life. My children love to get to know people, talk and play with them, with Maria they felt like friends, they played with her, with the clothes and me behind the camera.


Hermanda Mini series:41°22′57′′N 2°10′37′′E Barcelona, España – Manuela Franjou 

Manuela Franjou

Photographer Manuela Franjou : Hermandad

Manuela Franjou

Photographer Manuela Franjou : Hermandad

Photographer Manuela Franjou : Hermandad

Photographer Manuela Franjou : Hermandad

Photographer Manuela Franjou : Hermandad


Photographer Theresa Balderas

Theresa Balderas is Maria’s other partner in this project. According to Maria “Theresa is full of amazing ideas, always capturing the best moments”.

Theresa’s words:
Whenever I photograph sisters there is little direction given and everything develops naturally.
The similarity and yet differences of the subjects is what attracts me the most so I play around these aspects. Connection is key so I always aim to connect with the girls in the way that they feel more natural, it can be holding hands or just looking at each other.

Sisterhood has been one of my favorite topics to photograph, perhaps because I don’t have a sister.
Through the images I realize how deep this connection can be, the strongest friendship of them all, a real bond.


Mini series: 51°14′00′′N 2°56′00′′E  Ostend, Belgium – Theresa Balderas




HERMANDAD Shoot Credits

Mini series:41°22′57′′N 2°10′37′′E
Photographer Manuela Franjou
Stylist Maria Montane
Apparel Hartford by Eva Schulz Showroom and Nice things Palomas.

Mini series: 51°14′00′′N 2°56′00′′E  Ostend, Belgium
Photographer Theresa Balderas
Stylist Maria Montane
Apparel Anne Kurris, Coco Au Lait, Morley Aymara