A Look At… Shirley Baker

Shirley Baker A Look At... Shirley Baker:  Women and Children; and Loitering Men

A Look At… Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer Shaw A Look At...  Jennifer Shaw

A Look At… Horace Warner

Horace Warner A Look At... Horace Warner and his portraits series of East End street kids, the Spitalfields Nippers.

A Look At… Cynthia Henebry

Cynthia Henebry A Look At... Cynthia Henebry.  Henebry's body of work poses a candid and inquisitive look on family dynamics and the complexities of being a child.

A Look At… Cuts and Grazes

Cuts and Grazes A Look At... grazed knees, bleeding noses and tears or taking pictures of our little ones' not so pretty moments.

A Look At… Nick Waplington

Nick Waplington A Look At... Nick Waplington's series, Living Room.

A Look At… Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt A Look At...  london-based photographer Robert Wyatt.

A Look At… Osamu Yokonami

Osamu Yokonami A Look At...  Osamu Yokonami Japanese photographer born in Kyoto in 1967.

A Look At…Nicol Vizioli

Nicol Vizioli A Look At...  Nicol Vizioli, Italian artist , living and working in London.

A Look At… Cristina Hoch

Cristina Hoch A Look At...  Cristina Hoch, twenty-something self-taught portrait photographer from Spain.