Vincent, 4 years old – New York, USA

Vincent is everything NYC! He loves to dance, ride his scooter outside, swim, ride the big boy bus to school, and sneak as many slices of pizza, cupcakes, and cookies as he possibly can in any given day. He enjoys every second of his new role as a big brother, and can't stand…

Spike, 5 years old – Asserans, Switzerland

Instead of starting walking, Spike started running. His first steps were done running. Since then Spike loves running, and he runs fast! Mother of our young future marathon-man, Danièle McClellan is the co-founder of Swiss brand l’asticot.

Ellie, 4 year old – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Ellie loves animals; a part from that, reading her answers to the questionnaire,  she seems a really easy going and joyful girls - Rob Gallacher her father is the founder of Pippo Footwear, a new line of simple, beautifully made children's shoes.

Ali Wing & son, Tyler

Tyler, 9 years old – New York, USA

Tyler is a sports enthusiast, and begrudgingly good pianist.  Ali Wing his mother is the Founder/CEO of giggle and, the stylish chain of baby products for new and expecting parents.

Zoe, 4 years – Hyderabad, India

Zoe is a world traveler, a pink lover, a daydreamer who wants to be a princess and can not live without her bunny “Pinpin”. Born in NYC from a French/German + a Belgian father, she carries three passports. She loves many things in life, but her dislikes are funny ones :  having…

Wade, 7 years old – Bradford (Yorkshire), UK

Wade is a kind and helpful big brother to Holden (3) and Pearl (2). A thoughtful creative boy who loves climbing trees and is a talented artist, specializing in quirky little monsters! Mother Anna Roberts is an artist. She illustrated book covers and worked for magazines…

Jesse Antolini, 5 years old – Marche, Italy

A sensitive soul and an animal rescuer of the world.. “if I were big enough mummy, I would give the fisherman who catch and kill all the small fish a big smack!”.  Bev Luckings his mother is a talented Pan-European PR and wanna be Vertical Gardener  (soon this will become…

Ines Menoyo, 3 years old – Coral Gables, Florida

Ines is a delicious little girl full of energy, imagination and fantasy. She loves interacting with people and telling stories. A real entertainer!  Ines also loves to dance, sing, garden and play dress up. Her mother Alicia Kossick is the owner of,…

Vadim, 10 years old – NY, USA

Vadim is a Tap Dancer with a mysterious soul. Cecile his mother is a Gemologist and Jewelry Designer.

Geremia, 6 years old – Aosta, Italy

Geremia is a very lively boy 6 years old, who loves to swim and to ride his pony named Elsa. He is also obsessed with drawing and painting. "Our house is full of his art hanging on the walls", confess Mary Henriet and Davide Guglielmin, his parents. The couple, who works…

Nathan James, 5 & Carla-Rose 3 y old – Eze Bord-de-mer, France/Pacific Palisades, California

Nathan is a very joyful and communicative boy with a passion for animals; he talks about them to every person he meets! Carla-Rose, as joyful as her brother, is articulate as well as being a true artist.

Iago, 6 years old – Lima, Peru

A very stylish boy, Iago is and is very passionate about things, crazy about soccer ; he loves to draw and he loves numbers. Equally stylish, Michela his mother is