Fall in Boots

I don't know for you, but here in London it's boots time already! Here's a selection from Kidsen, Clotaire and Elias & Grace.

eulalie plage

Eulalie, 4.5 years old – Paris, France

Eulalie is a cute as her name, and as blod as the summer sun - Marine her mother is the founder of e-store Little Factory.

Pirouette is back

. Back! Happy 2011...Just catching up with the latest news on planet kids : a baby line for Jean-Paul Gaultier, a shoe line for Petit Bateau, a perfume for CdeC, an e-store for Pepe Children's shoes, and, last but not least, as everyone might know, a 4th child for the Beckham…

Bianca, 13, Asia 10 & Lily 4 years old – Brussels, Belgium

Between Asia the phography and books lover, Bianca so fond of her friends, Lily who sweetly calls her mom "ma princesse d'amour", and her children's store Caramel, Ludovica hasn't time for boredom.

Caramel in Brussels, little shoe heaven

  Freshly opened in Brussels, Caramel is a shoe heaven. The stores carries brands like PèPè, Nathalie Verlinden, il Gufo, Petit Nord, Petit by Sofie Schnoor. Owner Ludovica Zagrebelsky explains her philosophy and her choices. How did the idea of Caramel come to you?…

Axelle, 13 years old- Paris, France and sister Leelou, 14 months

  Axelle Coubard-Bellaloum loves painting. She puts her large scale canvas on the floor and she lets her paint rolls go. The she adds all kinds of little founds on her painting (elastics, pictures, tape, aluminum paper...). It's abstract because she says she can't really…

Juno, 5 years old, New York, USA

Juno is a proud New Yorker – she recently recommended a stay at the Plaza to a family friend, because “that's where Elouise lives” *. Juno has a little sister Maris (almost 2 years); she speaks German with her family and English at school. Right now she is busy learning to…

Jasmine Viesulas, 5 years old, UK

Jasmine was born in New York and moved to London a year ago. She has a younger sister and an older brother. Her dad Romas  takes a keen interest in raising his kids in a cosmopolitan way, making them aware of the finer things in life.