Travel Journal: Bolinas by Photographer Monika Elena

So far Summer 2018 has been a hot one it seems for a lot of us, however for Photographer Monika Elena her stay in Bolinas also has provided spirituality and artistry. She shares with Pirouette her experience of this magical, bohemian town in California. 

Photography: Giovanna Aryafara – Suri Tribe

Images with soul... In 1997 Giovanna Aryafara started her own 'buying' business which required her to travel extensively in India, Bali, Nepal & Burma. This gave her the opportunity to travel to exotic countries and pursue her love of photography by capturing people in their…

Snapshot: Photographer Priscilla Gragg

In this photographer snapshot, we take a look at the images of Priscilla Gragg and hear from her on how she became a kid's fashion lifestyle photographer . We first became aware of Priscilla's work when she submitted the video Over the Ocean to Pirouette blog. When we explored…

Photography: PLAY by Julia Bostock

PLAY by Julia Bostock for the 5th edition of et magazine takes us back to a time where play was free - not an iPad, mobile, console or tablet in sight...

Shoe business: Tip Toey Joey Founders Ana & Scott McInerney

Life is amazing really, you never know what's round the corner or where it will take you. For example if I were to go back in time to Australia and ask an 8 year old Scott McInerney what he'd like to be when he's older, I'm sure the reply would not have been 'I'm going to design…

Joanna Paterson for No Added Sugar SS17 “Kith & Kin”

Photographer Joanna Paterson sent us her most recent work for No Added Sugar "Kith & Kin" SS17 and we adore the fresh and free approach to the shoot. The clothes still punch through the image for our attention but in a non overly structured aesthetic. Poignant at times,…

Photography : Neal Slavin’s Portugal

American photographer and television/film director Neal Slavin lived in Portugal and photographed the Portuguese people from late 1967 to 1968, when Salazar’s health took an unexpected turn for the worse, ending his dictatorship.

Busy Doing Nothing by Julia Bostock

This series "Busy Doing Nothing" by photographer Julia Bostock caught my eye in the middle of the school break, trying to get the kids to rest, dream, and do as less as possible.

Milk&Biscuit by Michelle Marshall

Milk & Biscuits' AW15 collection is called "North". Like a journey into a vast snow capped landscape, reflecting a collection all in volume and layers. The photos were taken in Iceland by Michelle Marshall.

A Look At… Shirley Baker

Shirley Baker A Look At... Shirley Baker:  Women and Children; and Loitering Men