Franklin Street, NY

  . . . . Bu and the Duck, 106 Franklin Street ( btw W. Broadway and Church streets) . When Susan Lane opened Bu and the Duck in 1997, she created a destination; Franklin Street was empty. It is only a decade later that Steven Allen and other fashion designers joined…

Kids Love NY

When I ask, in my interviews, what city they dream to visit, kids very often answer New York (parents too!). From a very young age children will immediately connect with the city which never sleeps. Skyscrapers, lights, blue sky, giant streets, yellow cabs; so many attractive…

At Uncle Vytas', Pennsylvavia

. . . . . . . . . . . . Apelbachsville, PA - USA

Beach impressions

Shelter Island, NY

Romantic, poetic, enchanting headbands

  A preview of Mathilde de Turckheim-Retif 's Spring/Summer 2012. Headband Eva : multicoloured flower pompons in light cotton cloth.  The whole collection of jewels and accessories will be presented at Paris accessory trade show Premiere Classe, Porte de Versailles Sept 3…

Art work that stayed with me, Venice Biennale

  1. Paper work, Brazilian Pavilion - 2. Christian Boltanski, French Pavilion - 3. Mural, Iranian Pavilion - 4. Marina Abramovic, Palazzo Fortuny - 5. An installation by Argentinian artist Amalia Pica, Italian Pavilion

Sunny afternoon

  Soustons, South of France - Dress Caramel Baby&Child, leggings Finger in the nose - Toys photos by Jasmine