Michelle Marshall’s photos at Playtime Paris

Inspired by the arctic regions, the polar cold, explorers’ expeditions, inuit culture and clothing, Michelle Marshall created a beautiful series of simple portraits.  They will be on display at Playtime Paris this week end.

Hilda.Henri, new label launching at Playtime Paris

Among the new children's labels that will launch at Playtime Paris (Jan 25 to 27), Hilda.Henri caught my eye (and my brain). Founded in by  Verena Wondrak, it proposes a sustainable couture made from milled loden, an Alpine farming fabric in pure new wool, that is normally…

Playtime Paris : Business Report

How was business at Playtime Paris last week? Brands share their opinion, speaking about signs of recovery, increased volumes ordered, lack of French buyers, growth of Asian visitors…all in a rather positive and optimistic tone.

Photos of Playtime Paris, July 2013

This edition of Playtime Paris was once again rich with lots of stimulating products and brands. The new floor plan helped spotting new labels, instead of going straight to the usual booths. Here's a few photos before the publication of a more detailed report.

From diplomacy to childrenswear

Chantal Kumar is the founder and designer of Chandamama, a sweet clothing line that will be at Playtime Paris in July. Chantal has a background in diplomacy; while working for the United Nations in New York she pursued a fashion education at Parsons School of Design.

Y por qué ? Hunger for discovery and exploration

uring their learning age, children keep asking why, why why? Inspired by the children's hunger for discovery, Spanish brand Yporqué launched a clothing line that aims at stimulating the five senses, through incorporation of fun shapes, sounds, textures, glow-in-the-dark images…

Morley, Must-See Belgium Brand at Playtime NY

Showing for the first time at this edition of Playtime New York, Morley a must-see brand. Still relatively new in Europe, it is becoming a sought after collection. If you like Simple Kids, if you regret Essentiel Girls this line is for you...don't miss

How was Playtime Paris? Three retailers share their experience

Corinna from Kidsen (London),  Sabrina form Boucle d'or (Brussels), Barbara from Mezzanotte (Milan) comment their visit at Playtime and share their precious finds.

Playtime Paris!

I was a bit sad to miss the action in Europe : all the exciting Trade Shows in Copenhagen (CIFFKIDS), Amsterdam (Kleine Fabriek), London (Bubble), Florence (Pitti Bimbo), Paris (Playtime). Luckily, I will be in the US in March, just in time for Playtime New York, a show that I…

Boutique Chou Fleur, Paris

Paris welcomes a new children's boutique called Chou Fleur (cauliflower). This 35 square meter store is located in the 5th arrondissement, known for its concentration in universities, libraries and cinemas focused on good old classics. Founder of Chou Fleur, Véronique Suzzoni…


Name of the brand PIGMEE Date of creation 23/06/2010 Country of origin France  Countries of production France, Marocco and India Name of the founder Florence Bories Nbre of employees Only me Nbre of sales points  40, including  Serendipity, Pois Plume, Laurette


Name of the brand Veja / Name of the company  Veja Created in 2004 Country of origin France / Country of production Veja is a Paris based company but the trainers and accessories are created in Brazil, a country unique in its ability to combine organic cotton farming, wild…