In conversation with UK childrenswear agent Inger Breitenstein

Inger Breitenstein, of children’s fashion agent based in London, represents mainly Scandinavian brands such as Angulus, FUB knitwear and Ver de Terre. Born in Copenhagen, Inger has a passion for Danish design and she appreciates modern, natural and functional products. 

Discussion with industry insider Jeanette Petersen

Jeanette Petersen recently launched Little Fashion Factory, a PR Firm specialised in children's products, in Copenhagen.


When it comes to design, it's an evidence : there is really plenty to see all over the city.

The adequate barrier to cold

  Aspen? No, Central Park. Yes, this is a cold cold winter with record amounts of snow. These pictures were taken last week by a friend. It reminds me the excitement created in 2005 by Finger in the nose with their gorgeous down jackets, so puffy, so well executed in top…

Pitti Bimbo, Italy – Trade Show Report

    Over 8,300 buyers came to Pitti Bimbo this season (10,000 visitors). International buyer attendance rose 4.5% bringing the total of foreign buyers to 2,816. Among the “best performers” are Russia (+42%) putting the country into first place in terms of attendance; China  +…