Sunday Video : Tiny Sydney

A short video that will bring back childhood memories and keep you glued to your screen. 

Sunday Video : Brilliant speech about education by a 13 year old

This TED talk by a 13 year old boy has been around for many months, so it's not very new. Nevertheless, it's really a favourite that we keep showing to our friends. As thought provoking as it is entertaining, it's another one to watch with the whole family. 

Sunday Video : eat anything you want, just cook it yourself!

In this short video, Michael Pollan explains why, if you want to eat French fries and other things that aren't supposed to be very good for you, you should cook them yourself.

Sunday Video : My favorite thing by Sophie Demenge

This is a very inspiring video for both parents and children. About how the mother of Sophie Demenge (founder of Oeuf), at the age of 13, got into an amazing obsession and ritual, that turned into a wonderful collection...

Sunday Video : MAN

A great little video commenting on the way humans treat Planet Earth and the animals living on it. Fun, with great graphics and music. To watch with the children of course. Have a good Sunday! (click "read more" to access the video).

Normal is boring says La cerise sur le gateau

A very cute video - Merci La Cerise sur le Gateau